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I have a Fujitsu Siemans laptop which is nearly two years old. A few months ago it started switching itself off for no apparent reason. Eventually it got to the stage where it wouldn't start up unless in safe mode.

I have reformatted the hard drive and also cleaned out the fan, both of which seemed to work at first but then it started switching off again.

I have cleared it so that there is no information stored on there and it is only used for browsing the internet. Virus protection is up to date.

It is working ok for the moment however as soon as I go to watch a video clip - say on youtube, it switches off.

Can anyone tell me what this means or how to fix it please? Any help greatly appreciated :) Thanks
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  1. Sounds like it is over heating. Download a program called Speedfan and tell us what kind of temperatures it is putting out.
  2. Thanks buwish. Downloaded speedfan - not sure where I am meant to be looking though for the temp!!!! Sorry, being a bit dim :)
    On the readings page it says Core 0: 59C - is that good/bad??
  3. Just to add, the temperature did go up to 74C and then back down again. I can watch a video clip if the picture is small but if I try to full screen it then it switches off.

    The fan was spinning the whole time - but maybe not cooling it down enough?
  4. Any thoughts anyone please?
  5. yes, the temps go too high and the CPU shuts off the pc for protection. IF you did not open the case when cleaning the fan, there is a chance a hairball or fuzzball may still be in there. Recommend opening the case and doing a thorough clean-up job. Also, location could be an issue. Make sure the vent openings are cleared when operating the laptop.
  6. its clearly overheating, If possible give it for service or try yourself
  7. I agree with house. Those temps are too high. Try and clean it out as best as possible and within your skill set, i.e. if you are comfortable opening it up, then do so. If not, start with a can of air and really clean out the heat ports and such. Also, ensure that you use it on a flat-hard surface in order to allow the heat to better disperse.
  8. Thank you guys. I have opened it up and cleaned out the fan and all the heat ports as best I can. There was quite a bit of dust and such so I had hoped it had worked. However, temp is still showing as around 65C on average (once it got down to 48C but didn't stay like that long). So I tested it by trying to full screen a video clip and it just died on me :??:

    What do I do next?

    Thank you for all your help :)
  9. Meant to add that we don't use the battery, it is always plugged in - don't know if that makes a difference? Also it is only used at a desk so airflow isn't being restricted that way.
  10. It could make a difference, in terms of power profiles, but it should be for the better. Plugged in usually involves performance power profile, and that goes with higher fan speeds.
    Speaking of, you need to check if the fan's speed changes with the temperature. There are tools out there that can show you that, can not remember names off the top of my head. Also, do into profiles and see if you can max out the fan speed and run that video again.
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