Log in screen is pitch black after the Welcome

Hey guys

So there seems to be a major issue with my computer right now.
After the Welcome screen, i get the "windows 7 black screen of death".

Ive done quite some research and tried different ways to fix it yet i cannot.

Some ways I have tried:

1) disabling all non-microsoft programs for startup on msconfig

2) ran CHKDSK a few times (spent hours watching it scan without success)

3) checked my BIOS

4) Tried opening task manager (ctrl + alt + del) on the black screen but nothing happens

Thankfully, my Safe Mode is still working but I really need to get this running because of projects and assignments that I have on this laptop.

Anyways heres some info:
Acer Aspire 5552-7858
AMD Phenom II X4 N970 (Quad Core 2.2GHz)
Windows 7

Any suggestions or comments?
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  1. Though i can not give any real advice, i used to have a similar issue in the past and the computer would just sit on a black screen for about 30 minutes before finally booting into the system. If your computer is doing this and not just freezing, it could help to narrow down some of the issues.
  2. i see, the problem with mine is that it does not boot fully into windows.

    instead, after a minute or two, it reboots, goes thru the entire restarting procedure, the Welcome screen, then pitch black plus the mouse pointer.
  3. Have you run repair from your windows boot dvd? That might fix it...
  4. turned out to be a real bad virus.
    I just exported all my data in safe mode then did a recovery so its not factory restored.
  5. Oh, yeah, those viruses are terrible. Make sure you have a good anti-virus running all the time and run Malwarebytes occasionally. That's my advice....
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