I just got an Athlon 1100Mhz but sometimes it freezes.
The CPU temp is at 68-60C at all times, is that way to hot??
Or could there been any problem that causes the freezes.

I have:
Athlon 1100Mhz
Asus A7V
IBM Deskstar 46GB
Pioneer DVD-ROM
Creative Labs GeForce 2 Ultra 64Mb
Creative Player 5.1
3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 TX
3Com EtherLink XL PCI Combo

If you want to know anyting else, just let me know
and I try and find out.
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  1. Your CPU is running WAY too hot. It should be at 50, max. try www.coolerguys.com and pick up a nice new heatsink/fan.
  2. Is that Probe's reading? If so check the bios, Probe is weird, don't trust it. If temps are still hot (my 800 clocked to 1000 runs at 50-54C) then change your heatsink and fan...Tom recently did a review on the most common models. A case fan or two could also help, but first change the CPU fan. Also install the latest bios and promise stuff, I think they bring temps down a little too.

  3. you mention a heat problem yet you didn't mention what heatsink/fan you have. it might be an ok one but not installed properly. does it have a thermal pad? if so, did you remove the plastic film from the pad? if there is no thermal pad are you using thermal grease? is the heatsink making good contact with the cpu? do you have the latest bios (i think a newer bios might have fixed incorrect temp probe readings)? 68c isn't hot enough to fry the chip (they are rated up to around 90c) but temps over approximately 55c seem to cause instability.
  4. your cpu is running ay too hot! must keep it below 50, preferably below 45 or so. try using a better cooling fan, like one from http://www.coolermaster.com

    in the meantime, run your cpu at somewhat lower speed to keep it cool and alive.

  5. Nah... that's just the right temperature to make bacon and eggs... Don't listen to these guys!!! Also, you can use it as a space heater.

    -MP Jesse
  6. very well that, what do you do with your processor?
    can we design a heat sink of a shape of a frying pan to do the eggs in? or a air duct with a nozzle that works like a hot air-blower? mpjesse what do you think?

  7. Don't worry about the heat, you are fine

    CPU heat warning starts between 64C to 95C, you are still a long way from 95C.

    However do add a 4inch fan to suck hot air out of your case, and if you fancy, mocify the PS fan to run the at 12V instead of temperature controled.

    You do have a 1.1G CPU, which is hot in nature.

    When I was in Malaysia, my Duron 650 O/C 900 was 67C when playing games, and 57C when idle, room temp 33C, am I worried? not at all.

    but I am in UK now, case placed next to window, opened, ambient temp when 16C, mobo also 16C, CPU 36C.

    can I take this as reference and say you should get it down to 40C ? no, you can only get as low as you could without getting anywhere near 95C.

    When should I worry? 80C I get really really worry.

    Best regards
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