My Envy 14: Can it handle WoW?

I pulled the trigger on an Envy 14 from HP a month or so ago. I love the laptop, the design, speed, everything. Here's what I ended up going with, didn't want to break the bank but I feel like I got enough power inside to hold me over:

Intel Core i5-520 @ 2.40GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon 1GB HD 5650

I plan on hooking up my monitor to the laptop itself and gaming on that. As far as the CPU and the GPU go, should it be able to make fairly easy work of World of Warcraft the the upcoming expansion?
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  1. I'm not sure about the expansion, but it can handle the current one perfectly fine.
  2. I would guess the answer is yes. The Mobility HD 5650 is about as powerful as a desktop HD 4670 which can be used to play WOW. Only one way to truly find out....
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm curious, would investing in a laptop cooler be worth it? I know WoW is an older game, and even with the expansion on it's way out I don't see the system requirements changing too drastically. Then again, I am considering playing on a laptop so heat will most likely be an issue.
  4. Spending on a laptop depends on you.If you need a portable gaming capable system then a laptop with a card like 5650M is fine.
  5. I actually already have the laptop itself, not sure if you understood my question.

    Either way, it's all good. Thanks again for all the help. Does anyone else game on a laptop?
  6. oh,I didn't see the word "cooler" sorry :D
    Well,if you play games quite often,then a cooler helps lowering your temps.
    Sorry again for my misunderstanding :)
  7. No need to apologize. Thanks again for the replies.

    Does anyone else play WoW on a system with current specs? What are your results like?
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    check it out mate, this video has all of your answers
  9. BTW hd5650 plays Dragon age origins on high settings so wow will play more smoothly on it
  10. raza715 said:
    check it out mate, this video has all of your answers

    Oh wow, great link, great video - thanks for that.

    Looks like my CPU is a bit better than his even, same GPU obviously, so it looks like I have nothing to really worry about.

    Looking into a new monitor (23" from Dell, 1920x1080) and potentially a laptop cooler. Other than that it looks like my Envy is ready to get it done.
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  12. Already voted a best answer, but i couldnt resist in putting my own two cents :lol:.

    I have a Dell e510 with a crappy 4-5 year old proc (Pentium D) and a cheap 9600GT. I can play WoW at 1920x1080 with settings at 80ish % when the new stuff and WoLK areas. In the old areas i can max it out and have 50-90 FPS. My CPU has less gun power than yours and I believe the standard 5650 has a little more umph (Not sure about the mobility version).
  13. I appreciate the reply man - I'm assuming you also play with an external monitor @ 1920x1080? Did you go with a Dell monitor as well, if so, what model?
  14. Its a desktop :lol: :(. But its old enough that its slower than your laptop by at least a little bit. AND its been upgraded as far as it will go without throwing the mobo out and starting all over which if i do that i might as well build a new one right?? :lol:

    I have a 24" Veiwsonic-discontinued- (1920x1080) that i love and a standard dell 17" monitor that came with the pc... I can play a few games with both monitors at full (Older Games such as Supreme Commander I) but it struggles when i use two with anything else, even when playing on one and having the other sit there... I'm plannning on building another on Christmas.
  15. My only laptops are:
    Hp dv1000 (P4 1.6GHz) OLD OLD card, can play on the laptop monitor, but its an min settings
    Samsung n210 Netbook (1.66Ghz) Intel 3150 Card... Can handle WoW with an external at min settings...
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