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umm... yeah, i scraped off a resistor while i was trying to remove the back plate from my 900Mhz Athlon. it was directly behind the main processor, but the thing still works. i'm running windows right now on it. games are really slow, though. does anyone know where i could find a list of what all of the resistors on the processor do, or what they're connected to? anyone know how i can get it repaired? thanks.
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  1. Ouch, if you still have the resistor it should be color coded with its resistance on it. Then it would be a simple matter of acquiring a replacement and the not quite as simple (depending on your manual dexterity) of soldering it on. As to the specs of the processor, I'm not that knowledgeable about that so maybe someone else has a site that has that info?

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  2. if i could get the processor fixed, that would be preferable to buying a new one of course. does anyone know where i could get a processor fixed? i'm not to the point yet that i would feel comfortable doing it myself ;)
  3. a god electronic shop shod do it no prob if you have the resistor for reference
    ps: not radio shack :) a shop
  4. I didn't know God ran electronics shops. Where are the stores? I could do with some omnipotent upgrades.

  5. if you are going to try to repair this (you are a braver man then me ) get a very small very hot soldering iron touch the chip for no more than 1 second at a time and take up religion an pray alot...


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  6. solder the damn thing back on homie... no else is going to do it for you- i promise. it's not hard and it's unlikely you'll damage it more than you already have. Where did the resistor go?

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  7. uhh... yeah, the resistor is somewhere on my floor. i've tried looking for it, but it seems to have disappeared. it's in with a bunch of other resistors of the same color, though, and i've checked my friend's processor (same week and everything) so i know which one it needs. i talked to a guy i know that works in an electronics firm in my town, and he said he'd solder it on for me next week, so i'm stoked. thanks for all the help, guys.
  8. Isn't there another thread somewhere in the forums with the heading "most stupid thing you have ever done to your p.c.(or something along those lines).This would fit in great!
    By the way good luck with the soldering,I hope your friends got steady hands.
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