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Hey guys,

I need a new mouse as my G7 finally died after my wife left my 2 years old in the PC room, it now loses connectivity every 30 seconds or so. So I need a new mouse and I want a wirelss one, please don't advise me to get a wired mouse for whatever reason as I've left them behind and don't want to go back. I prefer having no cords getting caught while playing or knocking crap off my desk, plus I'd need a cord around 2mtrs long and I'm not sure if they even have them that long.

My problem is it seems we've gone backwards in batteries for wireless mice, as I was looking at the roccart pyra and the logitech G700 until I realised they use AA batteries, I tried using AA rechargable for my xbox but after several dead battaeries and two chargers I just started buy bulk packs of cheap batteries and it is actually saving me money lol, but I don't want to have to have a box of batteries next to my PC.

So again this limits my options to the razer mamba (unless you have any other suggestions?)
my concern is:
1. its very overpriced IMO
2. battery life is a concern as I've seen some people only getting 5hrs and it dosen't include a second battery like the G7 (which was very useful) and I'm not keen on paying another $20.00 on top of a $160.00 product to get an extra battery.
3. you can't charge it without either not using the mouse and putting it in its cradle or plugging it in which sort ruins the purpose of a wirelss mouse

So after all that can you advise of any other good wireless gaming mice that don't use AA batteries and if you own a mamba can you state your average battery life when gaming please?
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    you will want a mouse which has a docking cradle. i know some smaller logitech mice take batteries but one would think they have a few models with docks and li-ion batteries.

    i know of no mouse which charges while it is being used unless it has the cord attached. unless you buy a spare battery you will just have to live with it. most do not come with spare batteries or have batteries which are not meant to be changed out so i'm not sure if you will be in luck or not.

    you would be suprised at the length of cables. 2m/6ft is a possibility. most are less but i've had some i had to roll up and zip tie before. in any case this would only apply for charging.

    5 hours is fairly typical of high end wireless mice. i used to get around 6-7 hours out of my old logitech mx1000 when it was new and it needs charging now (8 years old i think now) about every 3-4 hours. the aa battery mice for laptops seem to hold a charge for a longer time. i've had a laptop mouse for a few months with the original batteries still.

    razer products are overpriced and mediocre quality at best. i use a razer deathadder and it works as expected but it definitely wasnt worth $50. if the model you are looking at has a rubber coating be aware that it is a dust magnet and will drive you nutty because you will need to clean it every few days.

    i used to have a wired mouse hooked up as a spare and put it on top of the pc for when my wireless mouse died. also quick-charging it for 5-10 minutes can give you enough for at least another hour of play. you DO take breaks dont you??? so charge the mouse when you get up from the pc.

    if you are dead set on the same features... try ebay or amazon for a direct replacment of your current model.
  2. thanks mate, unfortunetly they don't make G7's anymore and I could only find a 1 secondhand that was $70.00 which feels a bit much considering I got the new one 5 years ago or so for $90.

    I've opened the mouse up and cleaned it thoughly changed usb ports for the reciever and moved it closer to the mouse including doing a full reset on the mouse and I didn't get the same problem for an hour. Hope to do a full session tonight to see if the problem reappears.

    I may just have to go back to a wired mouse as I'm not confident on razer products reliability and the cost is stupid.
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