Medium-gaming laptop <$650 CAD

Hi I hope I am not going against some forum regulations (first time poster & listener here)

But I was wondering if there is a decent gaming-laptop out there for under $650 CAD including tax. I should say that I am pretty knowledgeable in computers to know the difference between dedicated graphics vs. integrated, Ati vs. Nvidia, processor...blah blah blah. Besides that I know that my best option for my price range is that I can get a better PC for that price range. But I am not looking for a PC, but a portable laptop. The brand for the laptop does not matter (though I see Asus is fairly reasonable in price and in a bit of gaming)

I am looking for a gaming laptop, doesn't even have to be a gaming laptop, just needs to fit some base requirements to run some decent games. Something that has a video card ram of minimum 512mb, 1gb would be ideal. For processor it could be Amd or Intel, doesn't matter. But should be in the 2Ghz range, a bit under won't hurt.

The one I am currently thinking into consideration is this one atm:

This one also catches my eye it has a 1gb dedicated graphics card, but is a bit expensive, I can try going a bit over, only if I know for sure that it's the better option considering the ram is ddr2:

So if you guys can help me find a better option for a decent gaming laptop <$650 CAD including tax, that will be helpful.

If you know any coupons, refurbished deals, anything, let me know. Much thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Unfortunately i couldn't find any laptops with a decent VGA card.All i could find had either Intel 4500M or GT 210M(From the link you posted, but it has an slow CPU)
    So either raise your budget or if you can't,then get a laptop with Intel HD card but don't expect a good gaming performance from it
  2. if you can extend budget by 50$ then you can buy which is a decent gaming lapop, will run mostly games on high
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