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My system was working smoothly up until three days ago. Eversince then, I've had random crashes.
The crashes are not related to any activity or application (as far as I know). They may occur when the computer is idle.
The crashes also appears in a strange fashion - the computer hangs (the mouse icon turn round). When I press ctrl+alt+del, I can't get the task manager to show, but the screens turns slightly gray.
When I manually reset the computer, I can't get any information from windows reliability center except "windows was not properly shut down".

The only thing that I did that may have caused it was the installation of Samsung Kies and samsung mobile drivers, but I removed both and the crashes still happen.

Drivers are up to date, no known problems (except the latest version of intel's inf drivers, which for some reason won't install, so I'm working the pre-latest version).
Specs: Intel DH67GD
XFX radeon 6870
8 GB ram
128GB SSD system drive + 2 other HD.

What should I do? How can I find what causing the crashes? What should I do in order to prevent those? Any recommended software for monitoring the crashes?

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  1. Can you pull up anything from the Event Viewer prior to the Gray screen and crash?

    I'd recommend doing a CCleaner scan for registry errors, clear your temp folder and make sure you fully removed the drivers from Samsung mobile drivers. This looks like 2 drivers malfunctioning and butting heads. If anything you can try and restore your computer to a date before these crashes started happening.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the rapid response. I have tried CCleaner (sorry for not mentioning it), but it didn't work out.
    How can I verify that the samsung drivers were uninstalled?
    Also, I'm not familiar with the Event Viewer. Can I somehow export the event viewer log and attach it to a message in this forum?

    Thanks again,
  3. You can use Revo Uninstaller, found HERE , to assist with making sure they are completely out of the computer. If there are remnants, this program is typically pretty good at locating them all.

    You may also Google a Samsung removal tool as alot of companies have started releasing cleanup kits to their software packages (imagine that).
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