AMD 1ghz and a Tai-Sol Sink/

Question for those of you who have done this (I am an old pentium person...never have had to mess with this).

My Tai-Sol sink/fan is marked as perfect for the mobo and AMD 1ghz cpu I question is this.

When you align the fan - the little sticky part goes right on top of the blue piece on the cpu (and supposedly sticks).

1. Do I need to use any Heatsink compound with this? This is the big daddy Tai-Sol CK...2092 sink/fan.

2. Do I leave the little bumper pads on top of the AMD chip? Have never seen those...they look to be a cushion of some sort? Do those come off or stay on???

Thanks...figuring this out!

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  1. 1. the sticky part is the thermal pad. unless you plan on overclocking or you think you will be removing and replacing the heasting often, leave the pad on (but make sure you remove the plastic film that usually comes on the pad). you don't use thermal compound at the same time. and yes, this pad makes contact with the little raised square in the middle (that is the core)

    2. yes, leave the pads on. they keep the heatsink from tipping or crushing the core.
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