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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 10, 2012 4:25:18 AM

Hei guys.

I bought the HP ZR2740w LCD Monitor last week and cant connect it with my laptop.

Laptop has only VGA or HDMI out. A simple vga to DVI cable doesnt fit because there are different pins inside.

Does anybody know what to do? Is there an HDMI to DISPLAY PORT cable that works?


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a b D Laptop
May 10, 2012 7:23:50 PM

You should be able to use an HDMI to DVI cable.
June 5, 2012 6:13:48 AM

Napapiiri said:
Is there an HDMI to DISPLAY PORT cable that works?

In short, I would say no, but there is a slim chance that I could be wrong.

No offense to anyone here, or on any of the other forums that deal with this fuzzy topic, but this topic is so horribly covered, to date. I am trying to save time and frustration here. The previous poster said "should be able" and that is understandable. Those that say "will be able" are simply wrong, here's why...

As far as I can tell, all of the $10-$20 DisplayPort->HDMI adapters out in the market, WILL NOT WORK IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION (meaning HDMI->DisplayPort). These cheap passive adapters (I own a few) only handle DisplayPort output from a video card (or laptop) to an HDMI monitor input. I can't say at what resolutions (I do not have an HDMI monitor with > 1080 vertical resolution). I think the v1.0 HDMI spec handles up 1200 vertical resolution. Check here:

You can trust what I am saying here or you can spend hours and learn this the hard way (and be that much more ticked when done and be back where you started). I know this because spent many hours learning this the hard way! :)  Was it a bad adapter?, NO, it is the passive adapater technology - rarely discussed online. Search and you shall see. Consider this posting having saved many hours in the next year or two.

I am amazed that this topic has such little accurate coverage and how vendors are being so shading in their wording when they say (HDMI to DisplayPort). I guess it gets down to the meaning of the word "to", if you read left to right or right to left, or if you like to swim upstream :) 

I bet there a million of these adapters bought accidentally each year by those that are trying to convert older HDMI laptop/videocard outputs to newer DisplayPort monitor inputs - even when those video card outputs can do 2560x1600 (so they like to say, without being very specific).

If you are not doing a standard HDMI 1080 setup, or a DP to DP setup, just use DVI (if you can) and save yourself the grief. The industry is pushing us towards DisplayPort (and probably is the way to go) so don't fight it. Try to buy a monitor with DVI, DP and possibly HDMI (this will become rare). VGA should just go away, it is rather pointless in 2012. My X220T has one (along with DP), I only use it when a meeting room forces me to.

And if you want to go buy an expensive active converter to do this HDMI->DP conversion, well go ahead, I see no point. I am just trying to save you some money/time here. Just delivering the news.

Another slightly related topic that Samsung 245T owners (or other similar panels) might appreciate. You will not get 1920x1200+ to feed into your HDMI input on this panel (again, waste hours, or take this as good advice). You CAN send that signal out HDMI (or DVI to HDMI adapater at the videocard) , along an HDMI cable (perhaps maybe only a later a version HDMI cable, I am not sure) and then feed in into the DVI input on this panel (via an HDMI to DVI adapter) but you WILL NOT get 1200 vertical on this panel when feeding into the HDMI input - almost cried when I first got this and didn't realize the reason). Again, school of hard knocks, been there. It is possible that I didn't read the manual on that one and maybe I deserved that, but the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter product description issue, now that's cruel.

There are technical reasons for these issues, others can dig into all that, I am just trying to save the time of others when I can. I hope my comments will help you.

Good luck


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October 21, 2012 7:32:49 PM


I am having the same problem as I bought this monitor and did not realize it did not have the same connectivity ports as my laptop.

Are you saying that an HDMI to DVI cable will work to connect this monitor to my laptop (HP Pavilion dv7)? I tried a VGA to DVI adapter for a spare VGA cable I had and it did not work (though I may be doing something wrong). If not, is there any way to connect this monitor to a laptop that has only HDMI and VGA ports?
February 27, 2013 7:44:07 AM

I am successfully using a HDMI to DVI-adapter to units that with a DVI input. The following combinations are known to work:
Sony Xperia S mobile phone HDMI to HP Compaq LA2306x DVI
Sony Xperia S mobile phone HDMI to HP Compaq LA2405wg DVI
Sony Xperia S mobile phone HDMI to NEC NP500 projector DVI

HP Spectre XT Pro ultrabook to HP Compaq LA2306x DVI
HP Spectre XT Pro ultrabook to HP Compaq LA2405wg DVI
HP Spectre XT Pro ultrabook to NEC NP500 projector DVI

I have used different types of HDMI to DVI-adapters, and the following are known to work:
MicroConnect video adapter - HDMI / DVI (EET Europarts HDM1924F)
Monster Cable High Performance VA DVI-HDMI SL MKII - video adapter - HDMI / DVI (127857)
Sandberg - Video adapter - DVI-D (hunn) - 19-pin HDMI (hann) (507-38)

Kjetil B.