Converting Progressive to Interlaced?

2.0-2.8 GHz Processor
8GB Dual Channel 1600MHz RAM
Geforce GTX 560m 1.5GB
Intel HD Graphics 3000 "Sandy Bridge"
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I have a Alienware M17x R3 laptop, and i connect my analog composite cable to a CRT which ends up with a blank screen(VGA (output) to RCA (input) , using YPBPR). Im not sure about the its maximum resolution, but I know it supports 480i (my wii sends 480i to CRT). I have attempted cloning displays (with 640x480 resolution), but only my laptop had a change in resolution while the crt was blank. Apparently, Intel Control Center said it was sending a progressive signal. Also, if I check the CRT color stream, I see weird color as opposed to the other inputs which have a blank screen. On the Nvidia Control Panel, I tried turning off Deinterlacing but with no luck. Can you guys help me with this?
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  2. Try a different adapter or use a VGA to VGA connection. Also make sure you have the cables hooked up in the right order.
  3. Different adapter? i tried with geforce still no luck. and why use VGA to VGA,,,, why wuld it matter? I do not have vga to vga
  4. I meant different cable adapter for VGA to composite, not the video card.

    Using VGA to VGA would take out any issues with the cable or using a poor connection. Composite is not good at all with a computer signal, the bandwidth is too high for it to handle it well. The monitor would have a VGA input, unless you meant you are using a CRT TV. In which case you need to try different resolutions, maybe use an active adapter like Although that is a cheap one and may not work too well. A "good" quality converter would cost around $100.
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