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AMD T-bird temp

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December 16, 2000 11:54:46 AM

I just built a new system with a 1.1 T-bird and a Super Orb for a cooler. The max temperature I've seen it reach is 57 degrees C. That is a lot hotter than what I've been reading on reviews. What type of theraml compound should I use? I used the stuff that came with it. I'd rather not use an epoxy based solution if possible.

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December 16, 2000 8:16:16 PM

its a bit too hot for the tbird. the compound that came with the fan is okay, better try changing the fan to something better. try

December 17, 2000 2:27:02 AM

That temp isn't horrible... the CPU won't burn up if that's the question. However, i wouldn't try and overclock it.

-MP Jesse
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December 17, 2000 3:11:50 AM

try some arctic silver
it will cost about $14 but its worth it.
December 17, 2000 6:01:40 AM

57c isnt horrible? may be not but its dangerous. must try to lower it below 50 and if possible below 40. of course if you are throwing away your cpu in 3 yrs then thats ok.

try a better cooler, cooling compound would come with the fan/heatsink itself.

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December 18, 2000 12:16:28 PM

First add an extra 4 inch in the case to suck the air out, like the power supply, if not hot air stays inside and increae overall temperature.

I have a Duron 900 (1.85V) goes as high as 67C in room temp 33C, does that scare me? NO

suggested warning level is around 90C, you've got nothing to worry about.

Look at the hardware monitoring software!!!, mine warning as low as 64C and as high as 90C.

Go ahead O/C it. your CPU is considered obsolete anyway. I mean very ones CPU and mobo is considered obsoletel now.

Since DDR mobo and Athlon 133/266 is already available if not widely.

Best regards
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December 18, 2000 4:03:33 PM

Ok man. It probably aint the grease or anything like that. Did you build the system yourself? If so check the orb fan you have. Unplug the power to the pc and slowly and gently turn the fan(heatsink) clockwise until you take all the slack out of the heatsink. Then turn it on. Be careful... you can crack the processor if you turn it too much. Later.
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December 19, 2000 11:17:43 AM

Thanks for the advice, but thats when I was in Malaysia

I am now in UK, studying final year acoustics degree

I place my comp next to the window, window open slightly, my tower case have some peforation on the side exposed to the window so its perfect.

PS fan modified to run 12V constant, not temperature controlled. 4inch fan also runs at 12V, damp noisy though.

Now when windows temperature 19C, mobo temp around 20C, sometimes 19C, CPU temp 39C, wow, I am so happy

Some times when it is really cold at 16C, mobo also 16C, CPU temp 36C. haha as hot as a human only.

And when I play Unreal, 42C !!

Best regards
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December 19, 2000 2:20:13 PM

Room Temp is a big factor..When the Room temp is 33C my TB 1 Gig with FOB38 (no overclock @ 1.75V) get about 49 idle and 53-54C full load, when i move the system into a aircond room which about 25C, CPU idle temp is 37C and 41 full load.

I had my case open and with 2X4" fan blow to the MB and CPU ,Air ventilation is not a problem so the CPU temp changes are directly related to Room temp.