Logitech C615 Webcam Software Crashing Windows 7

I made the mistake of installing Logitech's Webcam Software and now I'm getting serious Windows 7 crashes on a brand new Dell XPS 8300 machine that has run flawlessly up until now.

Trying to uninstall this Logitech software off my machine is virtually impossible.

I'm wondering if anyone has run into these types of crashes and found a resolution.

Or, failing that, the best way to unintall the Logitech software + drivers so I can do a reinstall of the drivers only.

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  1. Hi webranger14, I see your post just today (7/16/12) and I hope you've solved your problem. But if not, make system restore (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore and select a point (date) before you've installed Logitech Webcam Software (LWS). The system would make the rest for you and it would restart your machine without LWS installed on. After that, do not install any from LWS installation application. Connect to the Internet, and plug your webcam in USB port; Windows would find new hardware and install proper drivers for you webcam: wait to finish (green check marks would appear) and than go to Device Manager (Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager) and click to "+" next to Imaging devices there you'll see the first Logitech driver for your webcam, and also click to "+" next to Sound, video and game controllers, and there you'll see the second Logitech driver for your webcam. If they are not Logitech drivers, right-click on each and choose Update Driver Software... Finally, close Device Manager and Control Panel. That's all. Note: you'd be able to use your Logitech webcam on Skype and within your Internet browser only. No way to take pictures or video with the webcam. I've made just everything to get my Logitech HD C615 webcam to use all of its capabilities (especially Logitech Vid) on my Windows 7, but no success. I've tried to install almost all versions of LWS (from 1.1x to 2.3x) and just always failed. So I'm using my (not cheap!) Logitech webcam, unfortunately, for chat only. Many of Logitech webcams are not compatibile with Windows 7. This is a great shame for Logitech!
  2. Additional note: Keep your C615 unplugged all the time, because it interferes with your system, and plug it in only if you need it – on Skype or your browser – to video talking.
  3. Finally I found solution for my Logitech C615 webcam on Windows 7! It's MyCam by e2eSoft. Here's the link to download software: http://www.e2esoft.cn/mycam and it's a freeware with no installation needed. It can take snapshots, record video from your webcam and manage them. It's a greenware, just unpack the downloaded package to a folder and run it clicking on MyCam.exe file. No interferes with Windows 7, and it is not virtual camera, just software.
  4. Cool, thanks for the info.... I'll try that out.
  5. webranger14 said:
    Cool, thanks for the info.... I'll try that out.

    I am glad if it helps.
    Just one more thing: If you forget to disconnect your c615 from the USB port after you finish the Internet communication, sometimes that "crazy" webcam could make some of your devices (e.g. external hard drive) inaccessible. If that happens, do not panic; just unplag webcam and leave your external hard plugged in USB, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and there right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator – cmd window will appear and there type this:
    chkdsk x: /f
    and press Enter
    (x = drive letter of your external hard, and in front of x and behind x there is one space).
    Command chkdsk (check disk) will make all corrections and your external hard will be accessible again (e.g. from Windows Explorer).
    That happened to me many times, and I've tested this command. It works fine.
    If I knew that c615 makes so many problems, I would have never bought it!
  6. Yesterday I purchased the LOGITECH c310 webcam. While downloading the software it wouldn’t install so I had to do a “clean install” as per the instructions in Logitech support which succeeded. I was very careful to follow the steps. After completing the webcam software installation I then performed the normal computer re-start from the general tab in the System Configuration box, again as per the instructions. MY COMPUTER STARTED IN SAFE MODE INSTEAD OF A NORMAL START-UP AND CONTINUES TO ONLY START IN SAFE MODE
    Normally I would use system restore to correct this problem and go back to a point before the installation but there are no restore points and the system security box won’t open to let me create one. I rechecked the settings in the System config box from safe mode and I think (not sure) they all look normal. I’ve also uninstalled the webcam software. I also ran the start-up repair wizard from pressing the F8 key during computer startup and it says it can find any problem. I just had my computer tuned up and it had been running very fast until this GDam Logitech software trashed it. This is the second time I've had nagging problems with Logitech software so I'm done with their junk!

    Anyone run into this or have Ideas?!
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