My windows 7 computer wont start

hey, im chris and whenever i try starting my computer up it say windows then after that black screen and i only see the cursor startup repair used to work but now it dosnt plz help me :sweat: i dont want to loose my files because there s stuff like norton that i paid for and other stuff reply as soon as can to help me!
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  1. See if you can get into Safe Mode? You get there by pressing F8 after the BIOS screen.

    If you can, uinstall your video drivers (or boot to VGA mode) and then see if you can boot back into Normal mode.

    If that doesn't help it's time you take a look at everything running and starting up when your computer does.

    I would recommend using Autoruns.

    Not sure what all those things are? Go to HERE for help with identifying those pesky startup items.
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