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Hi guys im searching for a monitor in which i could play good ti fps and one that doesnt burn my eyes while programming

I have 60cms between the monitor position and my eyes so everything over 27" would be pretty big, am i correct?

I thought that a del u2412 would work for me but later i saw the catleaps monitor which have an awesome price but without guarantee

Which one do you suggest me guys? a 27 korean one, or a 24 european?
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  1. Yamakasi isn't a well known brand. I haven't found a manufacturer website for it, or even a Wikipedia article about a company by that name. Also, I don't know what the input lag is like for the Catleap, which could be a problem for fps gaming. The Dell U2412M has a nice low 9.4 ms average input lag according to TFT Central, and Dell is a well-established company.
  2. I have been looking into the catleaps.

    A- LG 27" IPS screens
    2560 x 1440
    DVI Dual Link only

    Newest ones just came out as of the 5th July and they refresh between 85hz and 100hz


    Limited stock

    These links are all you need.
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