I have a router and modem please helpn asap

i have both of these things and my recent internet still come up on my laptop, how can i connect or use my router to get wifi, need this for work as ap
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  1. Your router should have come with a CD that will walk you through getting everything setup. Use it.
  2. its an old router from a cable company, it still shows up as well as my internet connection on my laptop but doesnt stay connected
  3. It may have bit the dust. If it's fairly old, say 2-3 years, its likely its time for a replacement. Get with your ISP and they may be able to send you a replacement.
  4. try connecting a hard line to the router and dial into it. ( put in the user name and password (may be on the bottom)
    if not most old ones are admin and word password. try turning off wep if it has it on and check the speed the router is set for. some old routers can be b routers...slow then the newer ones are b/g.. make sure it set to g and 54 for the speed.
    newer hardware is n. also if you have any 2.4 phones or if there a lot of other networks in your area try changing the default wifi channel. one last thing is could be a firmware issue..with newer chipset that are out there. when your logged int othe router check it firmware with ones online..if it old i would update it.
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