Nintendo GameCube Gekko vs. Xbox P3

Can anyone compare the IBM Gekko chip that is being used in the Nintendo GameCube to the Pentium 3 733MHz that is being used in the Xbox?

Here are some specs on the Gekko:

0.18 microns Copper Wire Technology
925 Dmips (Dhrystone 2.1)
32bit Integer & 64bit Floating-point
1.6GB/second (Peak)
(32bit address, 64bit data bus @ 202.5MHz)
CACHE: L1: Instruction 32KB, Data 32KB (8 way)
L2: 256KB (2 way)

So what chip, in the end, stands out as the winner? The Gekko, which is based on the 750 architecture and is designed specifically for games, or the off-the-shelf P3?
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  1. It's not an off shelf P3 thats going to be in the XBox. It's modified and stuff to fit certain space specifications and heat requirements.... But I would think that the 328 more MHz that the XBox has will give it a performance leap.

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  2. you forget the powerPC is a x86 processor. its a hell of alot faster then a athlon or p3. so mhz dont mean alot and the powerPC has more L1 cache 64k vs p3 16k. most likely it will be a mobile p3 but a little faster.

    also the video are alot different

    ati graphics controller w/ artx technology
    24mb 5ns sram


    nvidia graphics controller w/ custom directx
    64mb ddr-sdram 5ns or less

    lets think hear what is faster


    answer : SRAM

    one other thing the xbox is a rookie system vs. a very powerful video console maker : winner nintendo, i dont care about 100mil polygon. i care the game cubes 6-12 mil triangle, size and shape, and gameboy advanced

    -- takes one to now one --
  3. Quote:

    i care the game cubes 6-12 mil triangle, size and shape, and gameboy advanced

    No, all you care about is that the so called "Graphics chip" is made by ati.

    SRAM is not faster than DDR SDRAM. the 64MB DDR 5ns graphics could absolutely KICK ATi 24MB SRAM 5ns graphics. And don't complain about graphics quality or FSAA or something, because on a TV screen you get free FSAA with the fuzzy picture and huge pixel pitch.
  4. It doesn't really matter the X-Box is capable of 16X FSAA 10X at very small performance hit. Nvidia new NV20's architecture increased FSAA performance 300% over a Geforce 64 Ultra hard to believe but the NV20 and NV25A that’s going to be in the X-Box are supposed to be something pretty special.

    But the GameCube no slouch ether should be a good fight between the 2 for market dominance, right now I'd say the X-Box has a little better foothold due to Microsoft's industry clout, power of the machine and developer friendliness. They already have a crap load of developers on board. EA already has 300 developers working full time on X-Box titles.

    But I guess we all have to wait and see.
  5. SRAM Kicks The [-peep-] out of DDR-SDRAM!
    I dont why they out a refresh rate to the SRAM because it does not require refreshing thats why its lightning fast...

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