AMD Athlon Compatibility?

Hello, there appears to be a wealth of benchmarking information available directly comparing AMD Thunderbird Athlons and their Pentium competitors, but what I cannot find is information regarding the compatibility of AMD microprocessors with standard windows applications. Are there any compatibility issues?

I am considering upgrading my home system from a celeron 366 to an athlon tbird 1ghz/abit kt7 but have been unable to locate any info regarding compatibility.. I intend to use my home system mostly for entertainment, but am hesitant to purchase an amd if there are compatibility issues because I also intend to program on it as well.
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  1. The only combatibility issues is with some hardware - in fact, the AMD processors do better in normal applications than their Intel counterparts. Go with the TBird.....
  2. There are no real compatibility issues between AMD processors and software anymore--a thing of the past and Intel propaganda.
    I have both an Intel and AMD system. The AMD system had some driver compatibity problems but these have all been sorted out, finally. The drivers were for the video card and motherboard, not with the processor.
    I agree with getting an Athlon T-bird processor.
    If you do your own programing, you can compile your program to optimize it for 3D-now instractions for the Athlon. Otherwise there is no difference in programing for an Athlon system vs an Intel.

    :cool: James
  3. All the issues I have experienced have been due to the VIA chipset. But that was a long time ago, now the VIA chipset that is on the new Socket A boards seems to be working out really well. No problems at all.
  4. AMD is not 100% intel compatable, deal with it.
    There is alot of hardware out there that is not compatable with AMD systems. I still go thru the process of verifying all hardware to be AMD compatable before every purchase (fun fun fun). The power supply issue is over I believe but you better tripple check if you buy AMD =P

    If your a professional, (Graphic Artist, CADD, Engineer, ...) buy an Intel CPU

    If your broke, and wanna save $20 bucks. buy an AMD... Don't complain here when you have problems. Thanks
    Oh yeah, with that extra $20 bucks you better buy a high end CPU fan because AMD lacks core logic to shut down CPU when it overheats = fried CPU (estimated time to fry a AMD CPU w/o fan rotation is 2 minutes)
  5. Intel is not 100% AMD compatable, deal with it.
    There is alot of hardware out there that is not compatable with Intel systems. I still go thru the process of verifying all hardware to be Intel compatable before every purchase (fun fun fun). The power supply issue is over (not with the P4, though), and I believe but you better tripple check if you buy Intel =P

    If your a professional, (Graphic Artist, CADD, Engineer, ...) buy an AMD CPU, their FPU (floating point unit) is far superior to Intel's.

    If your not broke, and wanna waste $2000 bucks on something that sucks, buy an Intel... Don't complain here when you have problems. Thanks
    Oh yeah, with that wasted $2000 bucks you better buy a high end Graphics card because Intel lacks the performance to get you good fps... although the Intel CPU will probably act as a bottleneck.....
  6. How would you "know" all this anyways? It's not like you've ever tried anything else than Intel........
  7. Man, you just love to point out the temp. logic circuit in the P3...and what is this AMD is not intel compatible [-peep-]? Why would one processor have to be compatible with another processor? Are they gonna have a messy divorce?

    AMD outperforms the P3...bigtime...end of story, no matter how much you worship intel, the Athlon is an outstanding CPU.

    The jury is still out on the would appear that if developers optimize for it, it will run great, have to wait and see how it fares against AMD's future chips...

    And as far as AMD compatibility...I'm running a ghz athlon w/windows 2000/98 dual boot, dvd, cdrw (second one, but the first worked fine), been through two vidcards (both worked flawlessly), two hds, used to run two voodoo2 cards with it, 3com modem, dlink nic etc. All kinds of apps, and I haven't had a single problem with any of it (probably will now though) so as far as AMD compat, I wouldn't worry about it...
  8. Has anyone here ever fried their AMD cpu? I've been reading these posts for a couple of monthes now, and although heat is discussed a lot, I've never heard of anyone burning out their cpu. One guy cracked his, but that could happen to anybody. Everyone here has at least some knowledge of hardware, so nobody will ever fry their chip here...those people that don't know anything about this stuff will obviously never try overclocking, probably never even look inside their case. All AMD systems would naturally come with an AMD approved HSF, so those people would have to be very unlucky indeed if their fan were to give up the ghost and the processor burn out. The supplier, or even AMD themselves would probably give them a new cpu and fan in exchange. That point is so lame it really is not worth mentioning. The compatability point too is worthless today, and as for professional graphics and CAD designers, I think you only have to educate yourself a little to understand that rendering today is best done with AMD cpu's. As for price, many of us are earning our own money here, and see no reason at all to waste our hard earned cash on something that has no advantage, other that a more well known brand name.
  9. Oh yeah, and when you have a problem, please don't hesitate to come here. There are many friendly and educated people, very willing to advise you how to overcome any problems, and to help you understand more about your hardware at the same time.
    Some of us just can't stop our humanity from getting the better of us.


  10. As stated in earlier post on this topic rummors of amd incompatablity is crap, mostly generated by Inhells ministry of truth better known as their marketing dept. The reality is the accidental mixing of the wrong mobo and perferials can cause nightmare install. Example I have a Be6II mobo ("stable relable bx inhell chipset, got stellar reviews, this page inclueded). The install was a knife fight from hell, it was almost impossible to get a smartlink isa 56.6 modem and a diamond monster sound to work together in the same box, but after about 40hrs of debugging, uninstalling and reistalling cards, drivers, bios tweaking it finnaly settled down to a fairly stable system, but is totally intollerant of any changes. i.e. I tried installing a scsi card for a new cdrw, it toppled a "stable bx chipset mobo" into bsd crashes, irq conficits,etc... and at the end of the day the scsi card had to be removed because there was no way to make the system run stable with the scsi card in the system. So dont belive intel's marketing dept or intel nazi's bullshit, any system Intel or Amd can have incompatablity problems, dont let false rummors taint your judgement against Amd or For Intel. Make your buying decesions base on what Cpu meets your buget and commputing needs, the rest is crap.
  11. I would check the MS compatable hardware list for the components you put in your PC , as for teh AMD CPU I would definatly recomend it , I have several Intel and AMD based systems and the AMD are the best.. get a temp sensing MB cos that will shut your system down if your CPU fans dies usually before cpu meltdown...

    Enjoy your new system


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
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