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Which Laptop is Best Black friday deal

Ok....i have 2 laptops that im contemplating on buying this black friday...they are both $499....the only differences has a core i5 but a 15.5 LCD monitor...while the other has core i3 but a 17.3 LED are the links...any input is appreciated.

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  1. 2nd one but its 699$ and you can get same specs laptop with dedicated gpu (hd5650) in 750$
  2. they both 699....but on Black friday they will be both on sale for 499.
  3. OK bro, go with the 2nd one then
  4. thanks for the input :)
  5. Yeah, I agree with raza. Your second choice I think is good.
  6. its crazy how segregated the opinion is on these 2 laptops...half the people say the HP cause its HP and Acer is crap...the other half say Acer cause Hp is crap
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    Acer and HP are both "best bang for the buck" vendors on the other hand sony vio, dell, asus , lenovo are expensive just because they are well known and much reliable, but to be true i didnt find a single con in acer, they are also very good vendor, u can check the reviews on newegg, most of the people buy acer now a days just because they provide similar specs product in less yet not bad build quality. Go with the 2nd one and you will be a happy customer.
  8. yeah...i think im gonna take the Acer..not trying to replace my desktop...just need something for college for class for notes and if i get bored.....
  9. yeah go for it, wise decision mate
  10. You must be really desperate. They both have Intel HD GPU and everybody knows this ain't a real GPU. You will regret this purchase.

    Laptop advice guide:
  11. I think it really depends on the user. Some users will say it's crap because they've experienced problems with certain manufacturers.
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