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how to install game & where find vga card for compaq laptop ?
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  1. What game are we talking about here? In regard to the vga card question, I would assume that your laptop is new if it has W7 on it, so there should be either a vga port or hdmi port on it already.
  2. This is just like every IT question I get, ridiculously vague. In reply...

    Hello, please provide more information in order to get an accurate answer. You don't go to a mechanic "how to install a mirror & where to find fuel line sensor for a fiat" do you? Please explain what model of compaq, as you cannot replace a vga card on most laptops as they come built into the motherboard, unless you are referring to how do you find the vga card drivers, or the vga card model? And with regards to the game, what game? where are you trying to install it?
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