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Hello, i've been posting something around this forum and i got some answers why im getting bsod.I've been told that the reason is beacuse of my ram.I have 2GB DDR3, and now i dont know what's happening, maybe the ram stick crashed, maybe its not enogh so tell me what to do.My specs: GPU 8400gs, CPU E5700, MoBo G41M P26, 2GB DDR3, PSU 500W, win7 OS. HELP
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  1. If you've done the testing such as ran memtest to determine that it is in fact bad memory, then all you can no now is replace the sticks. If you haven't determined the cause of the BSOD then running memtest certainly would help in narrowing it down.
  2. hi again, this is weird n stupid queastion but, i didnt use the memtest so i wanned to ask is it safe, i know but i wanned to be sure.
  3. memtest is totally safe
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