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I just bought my Logitech G500, and have two mouse pads. The Razer Goliathus and the Puretrak Stealth. The Goliathus is a year old and the Stealth is 5 months old, so it might be an issue with the pads being worn out. But whenever I move my G500 across my mouse pads, it feels as if I'm moving my mouse on sandpaper. With the Goliathus It has the sandpaper feel across the entire pad. But strangely with the Stealth, I only get the sandpaper feel when I use the pad horizontally. If I use it vertically, it feels perfectly smooth across the entire thing, even where the sandpaper feel occurred horizontally.

My old Deathadder doesn't have this problem at all. SO I'm not sure what to do or think. Can anyone explain this? I might buy another pad or exchange my G500.
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  1. just use a $5 black 1/4" thick foamrubber base cloth topped works perfect with all mouse types and lasts practically forever. gaming mousepads are a total joke.

    paying $30-50 on a mousepad isnt going to improve your game. if anything it wears out the mouse feet quicker. a cloth topped rubber mousepad (from staples if i may recommend one) even makes mice with the pads worn off slide nice and smooth!

    chances are the mouse is fine and its the mousemat.
  2. As I said, when I use my Stealth mouse pad, vertically, I don't get the sandpaper feel as I did horizontally. Well after a few days of using it vertically, I am starting to get it. I seriously doubt these pads are wearing off that fast. And as mentioned, my deathadder which I've had for a year doesn't get this feeling at all. It's smooth across the pads.

    It's a shame too because I much prefer everything about the G500. Also, the sandpaper feeling occurs when I move my muse on my desk too. S it's not just on the mouse pads.

    Edit: I might buy the Steelseries QCK mouse pad and give this thing on more chance. If the issue still persists then I will just have to find another mouse.

    Edit 2: I just now found out what caused the's the cable. The cable is very low on the mouse, and was dragging across the pad. How this made all of the mouse feet feel like sandpaper is beyond me. All I know is the cable is horrible.
  3. well... its up to you if you want to ignore my advice or not about a mousepad. most people seem to think that gaming pads are somehow superior even though it isnt true. its your money, do as you like.

    try bending the cable up against the front of the mouse body and hold it for a few seconds so that it sets a bit. that might solve the drag issue.
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