Can anyone give me any info on AMD's K7? I found a good deal on a mobo and a K7, but cant find any info on the K7. Any help would be.. well helpfull.
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  2. AFAIK, K7 is Athlon/Thunderbird family, so you probably saw a LOT of info on it without knowing it:)
  3. K7 is just another name for AMD's Athlon, Athlon Thunderbird and Duron CPU's.

    As the name says, these are the succesors to the K6 line of processors...AMD just decided to name their new products with some fancy names...
  4. which of course shows clear superiority of Intel, which decided to switch to a kool-names marketing scheme years ago during the 486->586/Pentium switch... AMD is once again lagging far behind :-P

    PS this is a JOKE people! no flames please :-)
  5. ok, K7 are AMDs successors to K6. But K7 is supposed to be a family of processors, with Duron, Athlon and Thunderbird as members. In fact, first Athlons were themselves called as K7s.

    BTW ever thought why did Intel start giving names to their processors?

    Because Intel lost a law suit against AMD (who else) regarding numbering the processors. AMD named their processor 486, and that hurt Intel. And guess what was the result? Ever copyrighted numbers? And so Intel had to name the processors so that nobody used it.
  6. yes indeed, a company has to protect their ideas/inovations from other companies like AMD!
  7. protection against innovation? they just protected the name, the architecture is still out. you will be the same person AmdMeltDown if your name was changed to BravoAMD

    the name might be of marketing points, but nobody can deny the right of choice. imagine where intel would have been if IBM had not chosen the 8088 over the 6k8 back in 1978 when they decided to make the PC.
  8. isn't the competition good for us consumers? (unless you own intel stock....)

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  9. very few things in life are just good or just bad...
    competition is mostly good for us, because it encourages innovation, new products, lower prices etc.
    (it can also be seen as a bringer of some bad things, such as lack of standardization or too many incompatible standards, half-baked products brought to the market to come before competitione etc)

    I think the benefits of competition outweigh the drawbacks...

    (although both Intel & AMD stocks have been going down... don't know why AMDs has been going down, but there you have it...)
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