BSOD and Slow Start Up

Hello, on friday i got hit wit some ransomware got rid of it and now it seems like my PC has gotten worse since it takes sometimes up 10 minutes to start up and i have already seen the BSOD on two occasions. so whats the problem do i need to do a full on recovery, by a new pc or can this problem be fixed. i am running windows 7 hp 64 bit I believe
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  1. iknowhowtofixit said:
    Sounds like its time to reformat. You'll likely have to use the HP recovery which, unfortunately, is full of bloatware.

    i am not much tech savy so can you please explain to me what do you mean by reformanting and HP Recovery by HP i meant Home Premium. My PC Is A Gateway and I Have No Recovery Disc. So How Do I Get It Back To Factory Settings If Need Be
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