Why is my laptop not reading any disc, games, camera software. please help?

:( I have had this laptop for like 6 years and never had any trouble downloading games now my hp G-61 366NR Notebook will no longer read disc or game discs can someone please help............ Im very upset because it did have the sims 3 but now it will not let me download it again. :( :cry: :cry:
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  1. Sounds like either a driver or a hardware issue.

    Can you open the device manager and see if there are any yellow triangles with ! in them anywhere in that window?

    Do any other disks work? Music or Movies?
  2. all of my drivers are up to date. idk why it wont read the cds or any other disk. I have tried all my music disks, movies, and even other games and it doesnt read the disk. im not sure whats going on but it use to burn music to cd's, and i use to be able to download games but now it will not do anything.
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