Open shortcuts in full screen.

I need to have shortcuts open with a full screen. I do not know where to look to find a way to do that. Would someone please tell me the place to make that happen and maybe the procedure to take.
I would really appriecate the help. I just got a newer PC and it is not at all like the old one. I have an HP model p6710f with Windows 7 home edition. Thanks, Tom
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  1. 1) Create a shortcut to the game or application.
    2) Set the target of the shortcut to ""(location of game or application)" -window"
    2a) Right click on the short cut and go to properties to find this field
    EX: "C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -window
    3) Launch the shortcut.

    Should work.
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