Newly built system wont boot right!!!

Ok, I have had an older system lying around for awhile, a Celeron 366 which I was going to fix up and give to my dad. Well, I setup the system, put in the old 4 gig HD, Cpu, 256 SDram, Cd drive, floppy and enabled the onboard video...had everything setup, then turned it on hoping for the best, well everything seemed to be going well, the power worked, the system booted up and I was greeted with the nice black bios boot screen, everything seemed great, but then it got to the part of bootup where it lists the Hard drive and Cd Cdrom before booting to windows and then nothing...just a frozen screen. It just stays frozen at the HD/CDROM wont even boot off floppy, or a CD so i can install windows!! And the thing is, I know that the HD is good, I just pulled it out of my other system, same with the CD drive! I have no idea what is wrong with it and why it wont get past the listing! Please help me out here!
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  1. Here's what I'd do:

    1) Check the jumper settings on the HD and CD. Make sure the HD is on the primary IDE channel and it's jumper is set to MASTER. If you have the CD on the same cable as the HD, make sure it's set to SLAVE. If you have the CD on the secondary IDE, then set the CD to MASTER.

    2) Make sure the IDE cables are connected properly. Make sure that you have plugged-in the cable so that Pin 1 (the red colored wire on the IDE cable) is right next to where the power cable plugs into the drive. Also check the cable where it plugs into the motherboard and make sure that Pin 1 is aligned correctly there.

    3) If the above fails, then try to turn the computer on with just the HD or just the CD connected. You never know, there may be some sort of weird conflict going on. Also, try replacing the IDE cables.
  2. Additionally, you may want to go into the BIOS (Usually by hitting delete) and have it auto detect the drives. If the system is still configured for a different HDD, you could hang on boot even if there is no OS installed.

    Also, make sure the BIOS is setup to boot to A: first then C: or CDROM/A:/C: depending on the BIOS. If it's set to boot C: then A: you may have a problem and get an OS not found msg.

    If all else fails, remove all IDE devices then see if you can boot from floppy. Similar to what the other guy said. Then it's just a matter of making sure the IDE devices are configured properly.

    Post again and let me know how it went.

    Take Care,
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