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What a laptop can do?

Dell now has a laptop that you can put i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 2 HDD, TV Card and so on.
It sounds amazing and I am so tempted to buy but I have a question.
How about the heat dissipation?
Can a laptop run all that without hitting the heat threshold?
Is the laptop's heatsink and fan powerful enough? Will it be possible to unleash the full potential even on a laptop?
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  1. Which model are you talking about ?
  2. Maziar said:
    Which model are you talking about ?

    The XPS 17, chose to customize and you can add 16GB of RAM.
    It is by default i7 CPU and comes with 2 HDD.
    Now with the option to add 16GB of ram... I can't imagine how much heat it will be generating in that small laptop casing and since my plan is to run as many virtual machines on that laptop(virtual lab) and possibly running some stress test on the web/app servers, that is going to be lots of fun!!!

    But how about the heat dissipation?
    My concern is, after buying this monster it won't run 30% capacity because it can't handle the heat.

    What do you think?
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    It surely will get warm,but I don't think its anything annoying,you better check this thread to be sure
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