Is removing OEM partitions safe?

I need to install windows XP to get one of my programs to work so I created a new partition but its telling me I can only have a max of 4 partitions on the same drive. Which one of these partitions should I delete?

Thanks in advance
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  1. What is on d drive? The OEM partition is the recovery partition. And by the look of it system drv is the boot partition.
  2. IMO buy a new HDD/SSD and add it to your system; this avoids any complications which may arise from removing a OEM partition. (If its a laptop which i think it is; google your model and see if it supports a second HDD)

    That said my experience has been that removing the OEM recovery partition only screwed up my ability to "recover" the pc, but I downloaded all the drivers from their site and did a full reformat.
  3. If you willing to spend money, might just as well upgrade to windows 7 professional version, then you can just use the xp mode.
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