Promising female gray elven wizard! (Also: De-lurking)

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Hello r.g.r.a.!

I'm a novice ADOM player, been playing off and on for two or three
years. (That sounds like a long time, but the "off" parts are much
longer than the "on" parts. Total time spent playing would be more
like six months or so.)

I've only recently started to read through this newsgroup, and I must
say, it has been very informative (read: spoily). I look forward to
discovering more about ADOM than I really want to know.

Right now, I'm playing a gray elven wizard, who seems to be extremely
lucky so far. I started out normally, going to Terinyo, talking to the
druid and the tiny girl. Bought rations 'til up to 'Strained', read
spellbooks (Magic Missile and Stun Ray) once or twice, then went
straight to DD. Almost died trying to melee Keethrax. Fortunately
regained sense and fled to fight another day.

Returned to Terinyo to stock up on food again (being strained really
uses up those rations), then went to the PC. Tough luck, river on
first level. My wand of cold had only one charge, not enough to cross
the river.

Tried to descend through the UD, barely got out alive of SMC.

Went to ID, stayed around levels 1-5 for a while. Found Frost Bolt!
Time to go back and fetch Kenny (or at least, his corpse).

Second try, successfully descended through UD, to HMV. Then proceeded
to CoC.

I've found so many pools and shops it's crazy. I know of two spellbook
shops, one in D:3, which I've already cleared out (getting Death Ray
and Lightning Ball in the process), and one in the UD, which I'm
planning on going back to for Strength of Atlas, Lightning Bolt, and
Identify, among others. I also found two ring shops in the UD, and a
scroll shop in the CoC.

I've played for only a few hours, but I can see a bright future ahead
of Gondariel. I'm currently hunting for an orc scorcher, which I
should probably do in the Big Room, but I thought I'd go explore below
Dwarftown a bit first. Being careful not to descend on the level with
two staircases, of course.

After that, I'll probably try to accomplish the dwarf's quests,
including the graveyard. Then, I don't really know. Pyramid. Gremlin
Cave, maybe. TotHK, Water Temple. Darkforge, if I think I'm up to it.
Then the dreaded ToEF, which I haven't yet managed to get past. Only
one of my characters even managed to get to the top level, only to die
to that damned ACW.

Ramble. So, there. Have I missed anything? Oh, yeah, forgot to learn
Pick Pockets. Is it worth going back for? Haven't killed Hotzenplotz
yet, either. Seem to have skipped a few steps in my excitement. Any
advice, criticisms, violent reactions? :)

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    "Josh Singh" <jGoOsh.AsWiAnYgh@gmail.comikaze> wrote in message news:<>...

    [snip advice]

    > The only advice I have left to offer at the moment is that you should take
    > your excitement down a few notches. You skipped a few steps in your
    > excitement already. Skipping steps is not something you want to make
    > habitual. Relax, have a glass of water, take a cold shower, whatever.
    > Excitement can get you laid out, seriously.
    > Good luck with your wizard. We're all pulling for you.

    I've continued a bit, and yeah, I know ADOM's more of a strategy game
    than anything else, but just can't help it sometimes. I'm trying to
    control myself from haplessly splattering yet another promising
    character into oblivion.

    I actually did the dwarf's quests before the pyramid (Which was easy,
    with a cloak of invisibility and Burning Hands, Rehetep only took one
    casting!) , and it was pretty easy going, most of the time. I just
    found it odd not to be able to pick up everything (I had Strength of
    Atlas) because of all the ice bridges I had to cross, but it's okay.
    I've learned to cope.

    Managed to kill a few nasties in the DH (Never had the patience for
    the AF.). Ancient white dragons, a shadow wyrm, etc. In hindsight I
    should've just run: there were a few close calls. Gained one or two
    levels, at least. Made good use of the spellbook shops, I now have +30
    effectivity Magic Missile, which is very helpful.

    I'm off to read some more YAVP's for more tips from the experts.
    Should be fun.

    Thanks for the helpful reply, btw. :)
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