HELP! My C200 Logitech Webcam keeps disconnecting.

So i have been having problems with my C200 Logitech Webcam since i bought it but since yesterday it has gone real bad. At the beginning the my voice sometimes started to sound funny and i had to disconnect it and connect it back again for it to work properly. But now randomly in the middle of my video call it would disconnect and say: " This device can run faster" all in a window and if you click on it it will show you the different usb ports. And sometimes for me to get it back to work i would have to disconnect the usb a few times and recall again for it to work, but if i touch the cable sometimes or move the camera too much it disconnects. I check with other usb things like a usb, external HDD, ipod and everything works normally which leads me to bealive is the webcam. But i wonder if it has to do with having to update the usb ports and problem of the webcam with skype... ? I hope anyone can help me fix this since its very annoying thank you!

Thins i have tried are re-installing the webcam drivers, installing skype again, restarting the computer, disconnecting the usb cable of the webcam and try it on different ports but still when it disconnects i get the same message.
*Though i did notice that when my cam "seem to got disconnected" from skype what i did is went to tools in skype then to video and the webcam automatically got "connected" again, tough there was no sound of like when you usually connect a usb device, tried it twice and it worked.*

BTW I have Windows Vista 32-bit version ( All updated), latest Logitech driver update.
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  1. try contacting logitech tech support and see if they can help resolve your issue.
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