Constantly have to reset winsock

Hi all,

I currently am having a lot of issues with my hardware but have a frustrating Windows issue as well.

Quite often recently, shortly after Windows boots (usually within 10 minutes), it will sometimes completely lock up. It dies kinda slowly: at first, hovering over taskbar icons or window controls (minimize, max...), they will highlight. If I open a program while it is still processing the login, it appears to work for a minute or so. Then everything stops responding to clicks. Hovering over a taskbar item or window control (close, max...) causes it to highlight, but clicking does nothing. About 15 seconds later, the animations stop. My CPU fan ramps up like it's about to take off.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del at this point produces interesting results: the pointer gains a tiny blue 'busy' halo next to it for ~2-4 minutes, then the screen goes black and I get a prompt informing me that My security options could not be prepared. Then it's done.

After any number of subsequent hard resets, it fails right after loading the desktop.

I can, however, boot into safe mode (with networking, which may be important) without any issue. The wisdom of someone here suggested running 'netsh winsock reset'. Doing so informs me that winsock was reset (as expected). Rebooting into windows proper works perfectly (thanks!)

After 4 or 5 reboots, it happens again. I reset winsock again. Cycle repeats. Simply booting into Safe Mode does not fix it, so certainly seems to be the winsock reset that fixes it. But why do I have to always re-run it?

System specs (Last Week - see post linked above)
AMD FX-8150
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
2x Radeon HD 6770 (FWIW)
Win7 x64 Ultimate - up to date
Kaspersky Internet Security - scanned, clean
Spybot S&D: Clean
I use CCleaner semi-regularly

AMD FX-8350

Ideas? Thanks :)
Same OS, Software, etc
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  1. It's time you take a look at everything running and starting up when your computer does.

    Boot into Safe Mode to do this since it seems to be stable.

    I would recommend using Autoruns.

    Not sure what all those things are? Go to HERE for help with identifying those pesky startup items.
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