Share a printer between Mac and PC?

I have a normal printer(no ethernet port) connected to my PC via USB. My MAC connects to a wireless router, wirelessly. And my PC connects via ethernet, to the same wireless router.

Can a Mac and a PC share a non-networked printer?(without a print server or anything crazy)

If yes, how?

I remember doing this with two Windows computers by just mapping to the computer with run \\ipaddress and just add the printer. I tried adding the PC's IP address to my Mac as a printer which did not work.

Thanks !
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  1. easiest way is to share the printer in the windows pc. You then add it from the mac as the printers sharename, normally //"computer ip or name"/"printer share name"
  2. I followed this: How to manually add a Windows Shared Printer and got this error on my MAC, when trying to print: Connection failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

    It seems Windows is telling me that I do not have permission, yet I shared it, and disabled the password requirement. I have the correct share name. Anyone have an idea?

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