I've just "Upgraded" From Win7 Ultimate RC to Win7 Pro, but i frequently get BSOD.
Not only when im playing, but all the time!

My specs:

A gigabyte motherboard
i7 processor
6 gb ram
nvidia 8800 512 MB

What may cause the problem?
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  1. I hope by upgrade you didn't do an inplace upgrade. Hopefully, you did a clean install?

    If not, do a clean install and get all the latest drivers for your hardware.
  2. yes, it was a clean install.
  3. I would ensure you have the latest drivers then. Going from the RC to the retail version shouldn't cause any issues, even though you went from Ultimate to Pro.
  4. Yes, i wonder too :(

    My BSOD errors is:

    IRQL not less or equal

    page fault in nonpaged area
  5. Could it be overheating in my GPU, because Speccy say that its 100 C when playing.
  6. That is getting pretty hot for a GPU. Is the fan working at all on it? Also, check for dust balls that might be preventing the fan blades from spinning.

    Also, is there enough air flow around the GPU or is it bumping right up against another card?
  7. The fan is working and dust is removed, idle temp is 60 C.
    And im also getting BSOD's when im not playing.
    And i've only got one card
  8. Have you loaded the latest drivers for your motherboard, video card, etc?

    Also, what are your CPU temps as well as your ambient temps?
  9. Well, my CPU temp is 40 idle and 60 under load.
  10. Running memtest...
  11. Its over, and no errors found...
  12. Where can i go with this?

    Is it microsofts fault?
    Or my grapic cards?
  13. Try another clean install. Reformat the hard drive completely and reinstall from scratch, update to the latest drivers for everything (motherboard, video card, chipset, audio, network, etc) and see how that works.
  14. There must be another way out...
  15. At this point, I can't say what else is the problem. The only way out is a clean install. It stinks, but sometimes even an install can get corrupted. You could try booting into repair mode and see what happen there.
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