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I am thinking about buying an AMD thunderbird 1.1 Ghz. I went to AMD's website and they recommended several motherboards based on the KT133 chipset. Then it said some thing about NEW athlons and the KX133 chipset. Does the KT133 chipset work for Thunderbirds as well as Athlons?
Any help will be appreciated!
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  1. The KX133 is for Slot A (Athlon only) and the KT133 is for socket A (Thunderbird/Duron). 750 was the first and it was a Slot A chipset that will run both Slot A Thunderbirds and Athlons. I dont know if anyone ever made a socket 750 mobo...


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  2. Don't get Slot A, AMD are not making that configuration anymore. Socket A is where to go...the Athlon chips in this configuration are called Thunderbird, and it looks like Athlon are sticking with socket A for a while to come. The Asus A7V and Abit KT7 RAID are very good boards, but you may like to wait a few months and see what the DDR boards are like...they should give quite a performance boost.


  3. thanks all. AMD and Abit couldn't clear this up, but you guys did. Much appreciated.
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