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hey guys im looking for a gaming keyboard thats the best, im not really a fan on razer, read bad reviews about them, maybe a microsoft sidewinder or a logitech, please help me guys and lean me with your expertise.. thanks
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    mechanical or rubber dome switch? this is your first decision.

    in rubber dome switches its hard to beat the value of logitech. even microsoft makes a decent keyboard. find a keyboard in store and practice typing for feel. find one that is comfortable for you.

    in mechanical switches most keyboards use cherry switches. figure out if you like a key letoff or not, a click sound or not and what sort of resistance you like and pick a keyboard that has that type of switch. some good brands are deck and das but there are others out there as well.

    personally i love mechanical keyboards... but if you only wanted to spend $50 you best be looking at logitech rubber dome switch keyboards or microsoft keyboards which will get the job done on a budget.
  2. im leaning towards logitech g110 keyboard or microsoft winder x4 if it is available here in the philippines which one is great?, im looking for a backlit keyboard..
  3. I got the logitech G15 years ago and it still hasn't died or cause any problems. (man it really needs some strong cleaning)
  4. Personally, I'm loving my Sidewinder x6, too bad they discontinued it, and it is still going stong even after being doused by various drinks by siblings.
  5. It's all down to opinion and what the most common type of games you play.

    I like the Vengeance K60 keyboard which is suited for FPS.
    The K90 would be better suited for MMO's though.
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