XP-P compaq presario v6171cl wireless can it be repair ?

laptop wireless blue indicater light @ off/on switch is amber and none of thewireless connect features are working eg. wireless assistant wireless connect wiz. Can't find it in device manager'The laptop is new to me and i have not used xp-p since 08.I fixed a driver for a net adapter (NVIDIA) while i was in dev manager.the person who had the pc before me said he updated the bios.The dsl cable connection works fine 100 mbs.When i right left click on network connections in lower rt there is no mention of wireless anything,click on wireless assistant and nothing at all.I saw a code 10 error in there someplace but i don't know how to look it up.I don't have enough tech spec to make heads or tales out of it if i could,any ideas?
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  1. Go to Compaq's support site and look for the wireless adapter driver for your model. It's probably an Intel chipset which is usually pretty easy to install.
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