Laptop hard drive screeching??

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite A3650. Its my main gaming machine and also what i use for all of my graphic design and CAD work. I hook it up to my tv via hdmi and a monitor via vga depending on what im doing with it (the screen was smashed by my 4 year old son). But other than the screen its always ran perfectly and i do take care of it and defreag it once every few months, but the other night i forgot to turn it off before i went to sleep and when i woke up in the morning the machine had "frozen" it was stuck in WMP and there was no controll over the machine at all.

I tryed ctrl alt del and trying to make it sleep but nothing would work, so I had no other choice but to hold the off switch and power it down. The problem is ever since then whenever it boots windows or any repair or diagnostic tool (anything where it has to use windows i presume) it starts to screech and click. It's almost like a mix between normal hard drive clicking and a 56k modem kind of sound. It only happens when it trys to boot the operating system i think (windows vista 32bit home premium.)

It gets past the black screen with the green loading bar but once it plays the welcome bell on the blue screen it just stops and doesnt load any thurther.

From what I've read I came to the conclusion that either:
- The hard drives done for? Perhaps the needle is broken or maybe it got too hot? (it does get very hot i normaly have a tower fan pointing on it all the time)
OR - It has had (forgive me if this is totaly wrong) a boot sector failure?? I have no idea if that even means anything but I'm sure I read somewhere that it means that part of the file which the operating system uses to load Vista has been corrupted, or at least the part of the hard drive that that file is on??? can record the noise if it would help just let me know if you want me to.

Now onto my question: Would formatting it fix it? or if i could mamnage to plug it into a desktop computer could i some how get my data off it and re install windows or will i need a new hard drive? Losing the data on the hard drive would be a disatser and ive been stupid and not backed up anything every apart from a few files on my 4gig dongle. I also use the machine for my graphic design work and everything was stored on there i have quite alot of it saved but theres still files i wud die if i lost, not to mention all my game saves (trivial i know but i dont want to loose them).

I can order a recovery disk off of the toshiba website for £25 i belive but i dont want to order it before i can be assured that it will solve the problem. The other thing i was thinking of doing is i have another toshiba eqium laptop (the one im using now) which also has a 2.5" sata hard drive that plugs into it and maybe i could borrow the one out of this one and some how get it to boot in my other laptop then at least i can use the machine again?

Sorry for the lengthy post if there is any more info I should have told you then tell me what and i'll do my best to let you know.

Thanks so much for just takin the time to read that lot^^^^^ lol.

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  1. Sne thing i forgot to say was that after the back loading screen is when it starts making the noise. It runs fine up untill it starts making the strange screech/click.

    The same happens when i boot safe mode it gets about 5 or 6 seconds into loading the DLL's and then makes the noise and freezes again.

    And also when running start up repair it gets to the grey box with "next/Cancel" and the bar with the blue line running from left to right but after a few seconds it starts screeching and freezes again.

    Hope this helps a bit more?
  2. Also the laptop is a Toshiba Saellite A350 not A3650.
  3. "Would formatting it fix it? or if i could mamnage to plug it into a desktop computer could i some how get my data off it and re install windows or will i need a new hard drive?.........."

    Screeching from a hard drive suggests failure but it may be worth trying to connect the drive to a desktop as a secondary drive or via a USB adapter to try to salvage the data. Then it might be worth trying to reformat it and reinstall Windows.

    But the chances are you'll need a new drive.
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