Giga-Byte DDR mini-pre-review

Hi guys just got my Giga-byte 7DX mobo in, and installed. I'm running it with 256mb Crucial pc266 ram, Duron 700mhz, GeForce2 GTS 32mb. I ran a quick 3Dmark2000, got a 7000 something (at low res helicopter, the fps never dropped below 99!!). I'll run more extensive tests later, as well as testing it overclocked.

So far I've found it to be quite a neat mobo, and the onboard SB pci128 sound has worked a lot better than my old SB Live! card (which I don't have in my case anymore - no need). Another thing I've liked was the AGP retention clip. Just a little extra comfort knowing my 250$ card won't fall out ever =). However, I did find a few thing that were disappointing...

#1: the AMR slot is just a waste of space (but hey, it leaves a big open space for cpu airflow...)

#2: the big mobo to psu connector was located to the left of the cpu...i would have personally liked it to the right. oh well - maybe it's just me ;P

#3: the mobo itself is about 2 or 3 inches wider than my previous one, so i had to gut my IDE drives just to get the thing in. although a hassle, the mobo itself is quite spacious - plenty of finger room around the ram/cpu/jumpers

#4: this one i'm sure will be aggrivating - the jumper/switch that control the FSB are located about 1/2 inch down+right of the end of the AGP slot, and are effective covered by my homemade ramsinks on my geforce2 =(. this will be kind of aggrivating whenever I mess with the fsb.

#5: only the fsb can be modified dipswitch-wise. there's no multiplier jumpers, and the fsb is controlled on the mobo by a little blue square that has 4 white on/off switches (don't know the tech. term, sorry!) also, the BIOS doesn't have any sort of multiplier or voltage options. however, software was included (and wouldn't detect my mobo - the version was too old. i had to download the newest) that is supposed to be the overclocking "solution"...i haven't tested it yet, so we'll see.

Other than those things (most of which are nitpicky, personal pref. things) i think the mobo is great! i had many, MANY sound hardware problems before with my SB Live! card, but now (with integrated sound!) everythign runs smoothly and as it should.

One question (for any of you out there that haven't fallen asleep by now...) when i tried to change the fsb from the default 100 (x2 from the ddr) to 133 via the switches(little blue square with 4 white on/off switches), it couldn't ever reach BIOS...I think maybe I need to up the voltage somehow (there was some o/c software included I haven't messed with yet) but maybe it's something else? I'll try the software and repost if i figure it out.


If you guys have any questions about the mobo, I could maybe answer them. Maybe. ;P


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  1. My Duron 650 would not POST on FSB133

    Windows never get stable with FSB104 and higher.

    Cpu V already on maximum 1.85V

    I think not many Athlon/Duron can do FSB133. Who can help???

    Best regards
  2. You might need to lower the multiplier a little before you can up the bus speed.
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