Video/Audio lags like woah


For some reason any kind of video/audio I play on my laptop lags like a mofo. It's an old Compaq Presarion V2000. I did a reformat about six months ago and ever since it's been on the fritz.

what the deal?
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  1. You haven't specified what Operating System you are running, but I'll assume you're using Windows XP for this old laptop.

    Did you download and install all of the laptop's appropriate Windows XP device drivers (i.e. chipset, video, audio, WiFi & ethernet network controllers, card reader, ..., etc.)?
  2. yes I'm running windows xp SP3, 1.4ghz, 1.25gb ram

    yes it's an old POS and I need to get a new laptop but at least it used to work!

    just did a registry clean using CCleaner. it helped a little bit.

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