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Hello, everyone, so recently i got brand new windows 7, and downloaded TF2, but whenever i launch it, it stays in windowed mode, it shows the valve logo, then exits without any error report or anything, my processor is Intel(R) core(TM) i-5-2450m cpu @ 2.50 ghz. my RAM is 6.0gb. how do i fix this problem
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    Reinstall the game from steam.
  2. i tried, it didnt work
  3. Do you have data execution prevention turned on for all programs? I know when I turned mine on for all programs it sometimes didn't pop up a warning box for some executables. The program would shut down with no error. Anyhow, if this is your problem, either add the TF2 executable to the DEP exception list or use DEP for windows programs only.
  4. Have you tried to verify integrity of cache for TF2? Right click on the game in your library>properties>local> verify integrity of cache.
  5. what the hell...i didnt create this thread, and i have 8gb and an AMD processor, and TF2 works fine for me....huh
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