250 Watt power supply ok for Athlon T-Bird 1.1Ghz?

I just bought a case with a 250 Watt power supply from a big computer upgrade store. The guy who sold it to me said it was enough power to run the 1.1 Ghz Athlon T-Bird that I purchased and A DVD ROM Drive, CD-RW Drive, and all the other usual components.

Well is that enough power? Because I've heard people say you need a 300 Watt power supply. And I said to the salesman "Are you sure? Because I've heard people say that you need a 300 Watt power supply." :wink: And he said, "I know that's enough power because my own T-Bird 1Ghz is running on a 250 Watt Power Supply."

So I'm not sure...I don't want to go back to the store tomorrow but I certainly don't want this PC to be crashing or not booting up occasionally because it's not getting enough juice.

If anyone can reply to this thread tonight I would be thankful.
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  1. AMD does have 250w power supplies in its recommended list, so I think it is minimal. I myself would go for at least a 300w though.

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  2. Arrghh I hate to go back to that place on Christmas Eve but if there is a real chance that it might cause problems I guess the best thing to do is to take it back and then go to a store that has cases with 300 Watt power supplies in stock. I just hope they aren't too much more expensive than the 250 Watt cases.
  3. Remember the old adage, If some is good then more is better, i would definately go for a 300w
  4. It also depends on the quality of the power supply - A 250W power supply doesn't really put out 250W. Did it come with a booklet? See what it says. My 350W is really a 330W power supply. I've heard some people say that their 250W was only really a 180W when they read the fine print.

    These are the specs for my power supply: www.enermax.com.tw/catalog/EG351P-VE.pdf

    I have the 350W model but here is a review on the 450W model: http://www.thetechzone.com/reviews/powersupply/enermax450/index.shtml

    In the review they say the 450W costs $75US/$100CDN - I got my 350W for $50CDN.

    - JW
  5. Also look at what else you are running. Will the 250w power supply power the TBird, a CD Burner, DVD drive, 3 hard drives, Geforce 2 GTS, ATI Rage for second monitor.. Perhaps not..
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