Abit KT7 can't run 4x?

For all you guys that have abit KT7 can't run 4x check this out.

I have not tried it yet but the it sound like this is the problem. I'm going to need to get a pci vid card because when you change the bios setting it may not be able to boot. The only way to fix it is to boot with a pci vid card.

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  1. hmmm..works fine on mine
  2. Been using AGP 4X since December on my KT7. AGP driving value = EA. I have a Geforce256 SDR. I found that bumping the I/O voltage to 3.5 volts also improved stability but then I also overclock and need the extra help.

    Give it a try.

    It's AGP Fastwrites that I can't get to work. Well it worked with the 10.80 drivers but did not work with any other drivers.
  3. hmmm.. i don't have a problem at all. 4x and fast writes work just fine for me. ANd my ATI all in wonder is overclocked (183/183) and working like a champ! Sounds like you either have a really old revision of the motherboard or that it's a driver issue. however i do have the RAID version too... *shrugs* RAID sucks IMHO just buy a ATA100 Promise card for 35 bucks. thats what i did... the RAID controller gave me all sorts of problems.
  4. You can also use PowerStrip3 to change the AGP Driving value without having to go into the bios. Basically you type the following into the [Global Options] in the PStrip.ini file:

    [Global Options]
    <i>(note: where ?? is the two hex numbers such as EE, EA, AD, 43, etc.. Like AGPdrv=EE)</i>

    You have to shutdown PowerStrip3 first, make the changes to the initiation file then restart PowerStrip for the changes to take place. In PowerStrip under <b>Adapter Information</b> in the <b>Diagnostic Report</b> you can get information about your AGP driving value. Good reference point to start from in finding the optimum timing for your AGP card. If you set a setting that is to aggressive and it reboots your machine or crashes then your machine defaults to what is the bios setting. Just remember if PowerStrip is set to Auto-Load then that crash setting will be loaded again causing another crash unless you keep the Ctrl key down when Windows is booting in which PowerStrip will recognize when starting and not implement its various initiation file settings.

    I use to get random periodic corruption on my buttons when in AGP4x, I just change my AGP driving value to EE from EC and the problem has gone away.
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