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I can not play red alert 2 network windows 7 to joint my friend room, how can I do? who know please tell me at the email:
It would be wonder that you can help me
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  1. Make sure your pc's can see each other with other LAN games. If not, your network settings within or your friend's pc needs configuring.

    Me and my friend always play RA2 yuri's revenge with no problems. LAN gaming through WiFi.
  2. Won't work. RA2 needs IPX/SPX which was removed with vista forward. You'd need XP on your computer if you want to do that.

    I hear there is a website EA setup to get around this. I tried it once but couldn't get the confirm email. If I can remember it I'll post the link.

    Edit: Haven't found the site, but there is this. Don't know how safe that file is from moddb.

    Edit: Found this, still don't know how safe it is. I'm almost ready to give it a shot....

    Edit 3: Finally some info from a forum I know/trust. I'd try this stuff first.
  3. It does work.

    The laptop i play RA2 yuri's revenge have win7 home premium and my friend's laptop has win 7 ultimate. Both of us can play the whole day. No problems.

    Along with generals zero hour.
  4. And all those links I posted that say otherwise?

    Base game or first decade? Did they change something in First decade?
  5. Im just speaking from what i am encountering.

    And... i know this sounds a little unlikely thus making it unbelievable, but i am in fact playing RA2 yuri's revenge with two of my friends all via WiFi and it works perfectly fine.
  6. Quote:
    Base game or first decade?

    I'm trying to learn here so please answer. For all I know in the first decade they put that winsock file in there so that it uses UDP instead of IPX so its fixed. When I get home I'll have to try taking a look. I have the both editions but the FD is the one installed on my PC right now.
  7. Base game
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