How to uninstall HP driver software manually

Printer wsn't working so I went to HP site to download drivers. Said a newer version was on my computer. Don't know how that could be. Anyway, I uninstalled using Add/Remove and tried to re-install from the HP site. Got the same response. Went through the whole unplug, plug, turn off, turn on, reboot computer, unplug & plug USB cable and still kept getting error message "Installation Failure." All HP's solutions didn't work. Someone told me that I probably didn't uninstall everything and that there was probably something in my registry.
I'm completely at a loss as to what to do. I've spent 2 days at this and have lost 2 days of work and I am only able to print. HP Director doesn't have icons for faxing, scanning, or updating, only HPImage Zone. I'm ready to pitch this thing out the window. HELP!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    After uninstalling the printer (which you have done) download and run "CCLEANER"
  2. I've had such a time (3 full 8 hr days) of working on this. I finally got my machine to print and scan. I can't do it through HP Solution Center since it's not installed. But I'm afraid to uninstall again.

    I already have CCleaner and run it regularly but I don't think I did it after uninstalling HP Printer.

    I did run Registry cleaner. Had a ton of HP files, etc. I was desperate so I fixed all that showed up but it didn't help matters.

    What else do you have for me??????

    Should I try to uninstall again and run CCleaner and then try to reinstall latest from HP???
  3. Yes, start from scratch. Uninstall everything and then run Ccleaner. Then re-install the printer using HP's CD and follow through with a driver update ; driver from HP.
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a go!!
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