Laptop Monitor has become dim

--My laptop screen has become suddenly very dim, its very difficult to see.

--The screen lights up during boot, able to see the startup screen and turns dim immediately

-- When fn+F7 is pressed twice, the screen comes alive for 2-3 seconds and then once again goes dim

-- when i try to increase brigtness using fn key, there is no effect

--when an external monitor (tv) connected, the display appears properly in my tv. Although if i try to make my tv as my primary monitor it does not work (guess thats a different issue).

Can you please help me with this issue.
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  1. Have you tried going through your GPU's control panel? In nvidia's control panel, it should be >>Mobile>>Configure SmartDimmer.

    The other option is to go in Windows Control Panel>>Power Options>>Power Management. From there it's probably that you can control the screen brightness for diffent power levels (plugged in, battery...)
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