Which Gaming Keyboard should I get?

Hey guys, I have been looking to buy a new gaming keyboard since I just have a crappy Logitech one right now, I have narrowed down my choices to two keyboard (but I am open to other recommendations), here are links to the keyboards.

Saitek Eclipse III

Razer Blackwidow

I know that mechanical keyboards are a lot better than normal keyboards but the Eclipse comes with some other nice features like back lighting and media controls, Which keyboard do you guys think I should get????
If it helps I will be mostly playing first person shooters so the macros don't really matter to me.
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  1. I have an Eclipse II and like it a lot, have had it forever and is still solid. Personally I like to have something backlit so that alone would tip it for me.

    Razer tends to make decent stuff, but a mechanical keyboard for that cheap would make me a little suspicious of the quality.
  2. Sidewinder x4
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