Pagefile gauge/meter?

Does anyone know any pagefile usage meter?

So that i can monitor how much out of my total 8gb pagefile is being used.

Thanks in advance!
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    I have seen it done before, I am quite sure of that.

    OK, I found out how. Follow this guide on Rainmeter.
    When you install the program, several things should popup on your desktop. Right click on any, go down to "illustro", then "system" and click on "System.ini".

    That will give you a meter showing your CPU, RAM and SWAP usage. The SWAP file is another name for the pagefile.
    You can get rid of the other box's if you want, though I advise looking a bit into Rainmeter and tinkering. Its pretty useful.
  2. dude, i just responded to this exact question 10 minute ago, how many posts are you going to make asking this same question, and how many different answers do you want?
  3. Ahh.
    Dont make multiple threads of the same question, because then it splinters the discussion among people who are not aware of the whole picture.
    As you can see, Abbadon and I had completely different methods for answering your question, while in this case it would have been fine, in other situations trying both methods could lead to issues and incompatibilities.
  4. Thank you for your answers, i made multiple threads just so i may have a larger response from multiple people with different and insightful suggestions/tips/methods.

    As one can see, the thread that "abbadon" refers to is quite unfruitful and simply lacks the solution i needed for my query. While this thread i think has the solution i am seeking for.

    If i had not made multiple threads/queries i probably had not caught "manoofchalk's" attention in which he had provided quite useful information.

    As much as the internet is now, quite willing to bash anyone with no consequences i want to remain nice and not slander "abbadon" with his answer that appeared to be less the solution i needed. But however i am very thankful that he took the time to answer my question.
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