Want to buy a netbook

This is for work, and for holidays. I'm a reasonably advanced computer user (I've been modifying my desktop for years, overclocking components etc). I have a fairly high power desktop which I use for gaming etc - so my laptop doesn't need to do this. I also have an Acer Inspire 5920, but the battery has died and it's too heavy to carry round every day.

Budget - Up to £500 - I'll only buy from

Size / Weight - More concerned about weight than size, maybe 12"? Weight under 2kg

Don't care too much about screen res. Higher than 1024x768

Battery Life - this is a priority - preferably 6+ hours, (2+ hours of video watching)

V. light gaming - I'm willing to play old games like dawn of war on this, rather than the latest games - I'll game properly on my desktop instead.

Use - Work, email, web browsing, music, films

HDD - preferably 300 GB+ (I'm slowly filling 2TB on my main desktop).

Looking to buy from, or

Advice welcomed.
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  1. So the netbook comes with Windows and on Windows u need to install the firewall/antivirus combo? How much resources will be left for the other stuff on this limited-resource device?

    I think netbooks are a waste. Go for a 13.3 laptop. Maybe vaio, on eBay. Must be someone selling one at £300-£400.
  2. Ok - I probably mean a small laptop

    (if any mod can edit title to be "Want to buy a small laptop")
  3. london_prophet said:
    Ok - I probably mean a small laptop

    (if any mod can edit title to be "Want to buy a small laptop")

    No it's cool, people (if any) will follow the thread. Sony is offering VAT-back till Jan (for in-store models only) so you might want to check if there's anything good from them... even though i know from friends that their smallest models cost a fortune.
  4. Any thoughts on:

    Acer Timeline 3810TZ - -£400

    HP DV3-4100 - - £500
  5. Definitely the HP then. It has a dedicated GPU HD (5470), 4GB RAM, 7200rpm HDD and 2GHz processor. For a small laptop, that's pretty good.

    Laptop advice guide:
  6. Check the keyboard before you buy.
    My fingers are so big that I have trouble with smaller keyboards (Which rules out most netbooks for me.)
  7. Ok - I've nailed it down to three

    Acer Aspire Timeline 3810TZ -
    Lowest weight, reasonable power, longest battery life (by far)

    HP Pavillion DM3-2110SA -
    Reasonable weight, highest power (relatively), poorest battery life

    Samsung Q330 -
    Reasonable weight, decent power, reasonable battery life
  8. london_prophet said:
    Ok - I've nailed it down to three...

    Unless battery life is really important to you, I don't see why you'd pick inferior models to the HP you picked earlier on.
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