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Hi, I'm looking for a laptop with decent multimedia capabilities, like playing games, watching movies, and web chat. I'm aiming for 4ish hours of battery life if possible. The battery life is more important, however, and I just want to be able to play Starcraft 2 on reasonably good setting.

For the screen, something around 15'' would be preferable although it doesn't have to be a 1080p resolution.

The laptop has to last me for 4 or 5 years of college so I would need something durable. All in all, I can spend up to 1500 dollars.

I've been looking at ASUS and Lenovo brands so far.
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  1. Yeah I recognise a Starcraft addict here :)

    Battery life is always a contentious point. Personally from my experience, I've been so disappointed that 2h makes me happy. I say 2h because the average runtime of a movie is 1h30. There're always coping strategies like switching Wifi off, dimming the screen and Window's power management to throttle down the CPU.

    ASUS, Dell XPS15, Vaio F-series offer good gaming GPU, not to mention the 1080p that you're looking for. I think HP does only 1366x768. Asus should be the one offering the best GPU. As for 4-5 years, I can only vouch for Sony. Maybe someone can stand for Asus?

    In your search, use this website to check the GPU rank and usually at the bottom of the page, you'll get the achievable fps for games like SC2.

    Laptop advice guide:
  2. Consider HP Envy 14 too.It can handle SC2 fine and the battery life should last for about 5 hours
  3. MSI has some nice laptops too. On my laptop (MSI GE600-002US) I can switch between my 5730 and my i5 gpu to save power which is nice. As far as battery life, it really depends on windows settings though some manufacturers include a drivers +/ buttons to switch between performance and battery mode.
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